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About Active Dogs

Active Dogs is passionate about the health and well-being of dogs in our community. We provide personalized dog enrichment, dog walking, and pet sitting services to the Syracuse Area.


Our goal is to help reduce the guilt we all feel when we have to leave our dogs. Whether during the day while at work or for a trip away, we will minimize the stress of the dogs in our care and their owners. 

We accomplish this by providing mental and physical stimulation, attentive care, and easy communication between pet parents and our staff.

Alise Gemmell

Owner, Dog Lover

Alise has been working with local families and their animals since 2012. She learned quickly that the time, energy, and love you give animals results in very tangible rewards. Her interest in science and nature along with a passion for adding value to her community led to the birth of Active Dogs. She is committed to working with the community to keep all dogs mentally and physically active.




Renee Scanlon

Dog Lover, Handler

Renee has always had a love for dogs, but that love increased tenfold when she adopted her Jack Russell Terrier named Mickey two years ago. Some of their favorite places to explore are Green Lakes, Pratt's Falls, Clark's Reservation, and Jamesville Beach Dog Park. The joy of walking with her canine companion prompted her to begin volunteering to walk her friends' dogs; sometimes up to 4 at once! She is committed to providing excellent exercise and mental stimulation for her canine clientele.