Our Services

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Our personalized Enrichment Sessions are tailored to fit the needs of each dog. We will determine what your dog responds to in order to implement activities that are challenging, stimulating, and rewarding. 

We provide all of the necessary equipment, interactive toys, and grain-free treats needed for an Enrichment Session.

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Keeping your dog moving is essential for obesity prevention, joint health, mental and physical stimulation, and healthy sleep habits. We offer 3 different walk lengths (30, 60, and 90 minutes) to accommodate what is most appropriate for your dog and lifestyle.

If your dog prefers an outing to a local park, our 90 minute Walk includes that option.



Time away should be stress free. We offer pet sitting (dogs and cats) in your home to keep everyone as comfortable as possible.

We will maintain your daily routine in order to minimize stress. Our goal is that you come home to happy and relaxed pets.

*Our staff is experienced with medication administration. We also frequently work with special needs and senior pets.


Additional Services

Play Dates

Play dates are a great option for socialization and extra play for 2 dogs living in the same general area/neighborhood. We will go for a walk together or have play time at a specified location.

*Both dogs must already be well acquainted and shown to get along. 

Active Dogs is fully insured through Pet Care Insurance.